Uninitialized warnings when compiling in portable+lite mode #10750

This bug seems pretty straightforward: I downloaded and unpacked rocksdb-7.5.3.tar.gz and compiled it with GCC 11.2 on Ubuntu 22.0, specifically, gcc version 11.2.0 (Ubuntu 11.2.0-19ubuntu1). I used the default static library build:

$ make static_lib

That copy compiled fine.

I used that for a while, but it’s a very big build, and I wanted to strip out parts that I didn’t need, and also make a binary that could run on other servers that I have, so I ran this:

$ make clean $ PORTABLE=1 USE_SSE=0 LITE=1 make static_lib

However, that crashes partway through the build:

db/db_impl/db_impl.cc: In member function ‘virtual bool rocksdb::DBImpl::GetProperty(rocksdb::ColumnFamilyHandle*, const rocksdb::Slice&, std::string*)’:
db/db_impl/db_impl.cc:3579:30: error: ‘int_value’ may be used uninitialized [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]
 3579 |       *value = std::to_string(int_value);
      |                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~
db/db_impl/db_impl.cc:3575:14: note: ‘int_value’ declared here
 3575 |     uint64_t int_value;
      |              ^~~~~~~~~
db/db_impl/db_impl.cc: In member function ‘virtual bool rocksdb::DBImpl::GetAggregatedIntProperty(const rocksdb::Slice&, uint64_t*)’:
db/db_impl/db_impl.cc:3714:13: error: ‘value’ may be used uninitialized [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]
 3714 |         sum += value;
      |         ~~~~^~~~~~~~
db/db_impl/db_impl.cc:3705:14: note: ‘value’ declared here
 3705 |     uint64_t value;
      |              ^~~~~
cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors
make: *** [Makefile:2449: db/db_impl/db_impl.o] Error 1

I’m actually a little surprised at this error — not because it’s an error, but because looking at the code, it actually looks like the compile should fail every time, not just fail when ROCKSDB_LITE is defined:

    uint64_t int_value;
    bool ret_value =
        GetIntPropertyInternal(cfd, *property_info, false, &int_value);
    if (ret_value) {
      *value = std::to_string(int_value);
    return ret_value;

It looks like the compiler is right to be complaining there that int_value could be uninitialized by the time to_string() is called; there’s no proof that GetIntPropertyInternal() will have populated it. The other error has a similar structure, a call to GetIntPropertyInternal() for a value variable that isn’t guaranteed to be initialized.

Not sure what else to say here, other than that it looks like there’s a bug.