Speedb and Kafka Streams

Hello, does anyone have experience using SpeedB as a replacement for RocksDB in Kafka Streams?

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Yes it works with Kafka 3.3 and 3.4, rocksdb can be swapped for SpeeDB.
If you are building from source, you just need to modify gradle/dependencies.gradle to point to speedb instead of rocksdb and indicate version instead of 7.1.2:

-  rocksDBJni: "org.rocksdb:rocksdbjni:$versions.rocksDB",
+  rocksDBJni: "io.github.speedb-io:speedbjni:$versions.rocksDB",

-  rocksDB: "7.1.2",
+  rocksDB: "",

If you are using a prebuilt Kafka version, replace the file libs/rocksdbjni-7.1.2.jar with the jar downloaded from maven at the following URL:

Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


Thank you for the information! I am building some infrastructure to test the scalability of the Streams State Stores. Once that is done, I will run tests with RocksDB and SpeedB and post the results here.