Help with troubleshooting

I’m trying to create RocksDB for the first time in a RHEL environment and I keep getting the following commands not found. Any help on what I’m doing wrong?

./crt_rocksdb.h: line 4: rocksdb::DB*: command not found

./crt_rocksdb.h: line 5: rocksdb::Options: command not found

./crt_rocksdb.h: line 6: options.create_if_missing: command not found

./crt_rocksdb.h: line 7: rocksdb::Status: command not found

./crt_rocksdb.h: line 8: syntax error near unexpected token `options,’

./crt_rocksdb.h: line 8: ` rocksdb::DB::Open(options, “/tmp/testdb”, &db);’

Could you give some more background here? Are you building RocksDB or using an installed package? What language are you working in and what tool/platform are you attempting to build with/on? Can you give the more of a build log so we can understand what and how you are building?

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